The Wishing Tree


So I’m writing this as a form of confession. Not because I’ve done anything wrong but because I’m gonna stand by and
do nothing.

I guess my story starts way back when I was about 6 or 7. I was out playing in the back yard with my ball. Just
hoofing it about when it went flying into my neighbours. The fence between the two houses was very tall to a seven
year old and the only gap in it was next to a great big tree growing in the middle of the boundary fence.
The fence had been erected either side as whoever originally built the houses had obviously decided the tree was too
nice to cut down. So in my determined 7 year old way I slithered in between the tree and the fence nearly getting
stuck and catching my leg on a nail on the way. I popped through with one final effort and was just about to
inspect my wounds when a voice from under the tree said ‘You’re bleeding’. On further inspection, there sat a little
girl roughly my age.

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