The unskippable ad

It was late at night when it occurred. I had been watching Youtube videos all night, avoiding the idea of the awful math homework I knew was waiting in my backpack. Finally, at 2am, I decided to get off my ass and do my homework, unplugging my ear buds, so I could still listen and work at the same time. Now I have no problem with watching ads that are 30 seconds or something. I’m mostly listening to the sound for background noise, and from what I’ve heard it gives the said Youtuber more money.

The problem occured halfway through my homework.


I jumped at the sound of the female voice, assuming it was my mom catching me up. Looking around and seeing no one, I directed my focus to the computer screen. The first thing I saw that I later found weird was the fact that it was 2 minutes and 30 seconds and the ad was unskippable.

“HELLO?” The woman’s voice screamed. The screen was still black.

“Listen I don’t know who this is, or who this will go to. He left me with a camera I think, so I’m guessing he wants me to say goodbyes, and panic, or scream. But I won’t. I. Won’t. I’m going to try to save someone before I die.

I sigh and lean back. Another fucking scary movie? Who the hell was going to pay to see a movie with a black screen?

That was when the light turned on. And I saw her.

Her hair is what shocked me first, or perhaps her lack thereof. Her scalp, her scalp had been taken off. She was bleeding all over and the blood, dried now, had flown all down her face. Her eyes are what caught me first. They were gone, and what replaced them was dark empty holes in her eyes, with blood flowing like tears. And all across her body were deep gashes and bloodied and broken joints, like her fingers and toes, were stuck up in ways they just shouldn’t. The room was like an empty warehouse room and the singular chair the woman sat in had blood pooled around it. The ropes that restricted her had been stained red. There was just, just all you could see was dark crimson.

“ My name is Denise Morgan, I’m a lawyer. Listen one minute I was in my house with my family, I was working and it was late. I had tucked my girls in, and my sister was visiting, she was asleep down stairs and there was no crash. No nothing. I don’t remember anything about the trip here, I don’t remember anything. God my girls..”

Denise trailed off as she choked on a sob, biting a lip that was bruised and bloodied. I was frozen.

“No. I won’t break.” She whispered, before continuing, “Listen I don’t know who you are but you need to leave your home now. He’s coming for you. You’re going to find this somewhere on the Internet, and I don’t know how but you will. Mine was of a man screaming for his life that I found posted in my notes, even though I never put it there. I didn’t leave. But you can. And you need to.”

I threw myself out of the shock of the situation. This was fucked up and I was done. This wasn’t real. I exited out of my Youtube tab. Silence.

That’s when a new tab opened and Youtube began to load.

Denise began to speak once more, “I’m not even sure what I look like anymore, he wanted me to see at first, the torture, but then got mad when I kept glaring. So, so he.. I don’t know what he looks like, exactly. I guess visuals don’t stay long after you’ve been blinded. But he wore a half of a orange mask, like the ones from those traveling halloween stores. From what I remember, it was like.. like he had seared the mask to his skin. And he doesn’t want anything. I tried to offer him money and anything and-”

Faint footsteps could be heard growing louder in the background. It was then Denise lost all composure. She began screaming and trying to escape from her bonds.

I didn’t see much. All I saw was a flash of orange, and the hole in Denise’s body, right before she feel completely limp.

I’m writing this all at a bus station in Canada. I’ve been traveling for awhile, but recently, I’ve been seeing Denise’s name appear everywhere in my computer. All of my saved tabs have changed to “Denise Morgan”. They all go to the recent article that start with “Denise Morgan is said to have disappeared the night of…”

I know he’s getting closer. I don’t know what to do.

My bus is running late. I don’t know how much longer I can last. Bethany, honey, if you find this, I love you sweetheart. Don’t forget about your big brother. Mom, I’m sorry about our fight. If I make it out of this alive, I’ll move closer to home and help with Beth. I love you. I’m sorry.

(source) story by (/u/CMMuse)

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