Test Subject 43


Test subject 43 – 2017-08-19


Height – 178 cm

Weight – 94 kg

Age – 22 years

Smoker – no

Drug use – none within the past two years

Alcohol – none within the past two years

Subject 43 is a bit of a rarity; very healthy, near-peak physical conditions. Subject 43 was previously considered to be a borderline Olympic sprinter before financial troubles landed him in severe financial debt. His mental status, up until very recently however, has also exceeded nearly every other test subject.

His extremely durable constitution has enabled us to push him further than any of the previous test subjects by considerable lengths. He has also survived longer than even subject 11 and displayed an unparalleled resistance to light and heat that even subject 19 could not match. Subject 19 was the only test subject so far that could survive direct sunlight exposure for any time longer than a few seconds. Unfortunately, subject 43 began to show signs of mental decay and it was decided to end his experiment before the end of the month.


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