In 1986 the Snedeker family moved into a converted funeral home in Connecticut. The home was close to a hospital where their son Philip was being treated for leukemia. At first the family was off put by the fact they lived in an old funeral parlor, and did not find out until they found embalming equipment in the basement. However because of it’s convenient location the family thought it was worth the stay. One day Carmen Snedecker claimed that water in a mop bucket turned to blood and the spirits started harassing the family’s terminally ill son, who became consumed by his obsession with the embalming room in the basement. Philip eventually attacked another family member and had to be sent by ambulance to a mental hospital.The family eventually contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren who told them the the spirits were vengeful because the funeral home owns engaged in necrophilia. The Warren’s even claimed the there were attempts at necromancy which opened up the home to evil spirits.The home was blessed and the family moved. Although Philip survived after the events his cancer returned in 2012 and he passed away at the age of 38. Although the Snedeker’s and Warren’s claim the events happened there is no concrete evidence that any paranormal or necrophilia occurred in the home.

**** I believe I have pretty much coverd every major Warren case on this blog. I don’t count the Einfeild poltergeist because the Warren’s didn’t really work on it. I might find the alleged footage and photo of the white lady they took, but I think I actually covered everything.

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