The Jaime is Alive Clown Club, is an elaborate conspiracy theory/secret society revolving around the idea that Jaime Lannister could possibly be alive. Jaime Lannister was a 40 something year old man who was brutally mutilated by D&D. Members of the society believe that it wasn’t Jaime Lannister who died and instead it was an impostor. Others believe that he didn’t really mean to go back to Cersei and it was all a big lie. It’s kinda unclear which is the truth, but the majority believe that at the end of days Jaime Lannister will rise from the rubble and reunite with his one true love Brienne of Tarth, as said in the scripture that probably doesn’t exist.The Clown Club regularly make sacrifices to their god Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who has yet to confirm or deny that Jaime is alive. The government has spent weeks trying to silence the cult, but the number grow by the day. Perhaps in the end every one is Boo Boo the Fool.🤡

***** this is a joke and I’m not a member of the Clown Club, but I understand using crack humor to cope with one of the worst character assassinations in tv history. They did my boy dirty tbh. Clown club plz correct me if I’m wrong I looked though your tag for 2 hours.

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