Survivor’s Diary.


August 7th, 2017:

Dear Diary,

I’m still mad that Dad won’t get me an iPhone until I turn 12. Whatever. I totally feel like I’m doing cave paintings, writing in a diary. On paper. With ink!

But it’s fine. Just 8 more months to go until I get my new phone. I’ve already bookmarked a few awesome case designs that I want.

In class, Kellen joked that I wouldn’t make it to 12 and that pretty soon we’d all be dead because of the war and the nukes and stuff.

He’s an asshole. Plus I think he’s into me. Which is creepy.

Talk to you later…maybe.

Love, Maddie.

18th of March, 2029

Found this notebook in a house we were picking through a few months ago. I guess it belonged to Maddie. I wonder if she’s still alive?

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