I have stated on this blog the my opinion of the Warren’s and their methodology and beliefs when it comes to the paranormal are most likely fake and a hoax. Entertaining stories to hear when I’m in the mood for something spooky.However in the past I thought that they did seem like they were genuinely nice.However this just changed my whole view of them. I have no words. Not only are the fake, but they are trash! I feel so bad for this woman. No one should be manipulated and kept in the dark like that ever! I’m shaking with confusion and anger now. I have no words.

This article also goes into detail about how Ed allegedly hit and abused Lorraine. It is actually really disturbing. Both of them are now dead, and their family allegedly has no knowledge of any of this, even if they did I doubt they would speak ill of them. These articles are from a few years ago and I only just recently found out. There is a lot of incriminating allegations in this article and it gets into all kinds of weird things about Ed and Lorraine. TL;DR Ed Warren was trash irl.

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