The Ancient Ram Inn in England is notoriously haunted. The building was constructed in 1145, and is on the site of a supposed grave. The building was originally used as a home for nuns, but has changed ownership and purpose over 900 years. The current owner states that he was dragged out of his bed on the first night there and guests at the inn have also experienced similar events. Many ghosts include children allegedly sacrificed in rituals (who can be heard playing),a witch who was burned during the Early Modern era and a Roman soldier. However the most talked about and feared spirits at the inn are the multiple demonic entities including a succubus. The Bishops Room is supposedly the most haunted room and guests have seen apparitions and heard disembodied screams. Shadows, light beams and voices are all heard in the inn.When remodeling bones of children were found under the house. Many believe that the activity in the Ancient Ram Inn can be attributed to the many deaths the occurred on the property and the alleged lay lines that run under it.

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