This picture was taken by my grandpa on November 30th, 2005, 13 minutes after midnight. I don’t remember anything from that day – I was only 4 y/o, and probably already asleep. Grandpa died two years after he took this pic, so, unfortunately, I can’t ask him about it. It was taken with a flash, so it might be its fault, but to me – it doesn’t look like it. It’s clearly not a camera defect, the rest of the pictures from it looks nice and has no possible damage like this. Btw, it’s not a scanned picture, it wasn’t edited by anyone.

This pic was taken in our garden, next to the house. It’s around 100 years old. My great-grandma died here, so maybe the creature is someway, somehow linked with her? But the mystery remains unsolved…

If you want, feel free to leave any questions about this picture.

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