with illustrations getting polished up and preorders drawing near, we’ve created a Ko-fi page to jump-start our zine production through donations!

our current goal is $300 to help us cover a portion of printing, manufacturing, and shipping costs so we can keep everything affordable for all you wonderful supporters! not only does every dollar help, it also lets us know you’re interested in our mission of bringing you these amazing, original cryptid illustrations. plus, tier donors will have free Classified prints sent to them as thanks!

here are the 3 separate ways you can help us:
1. buy us a coffee – decide how much to donate by the dollar!
2. join a donation tier – under “Commissions Open”, choose from 3 donation tiers (Myth, Lore, and Legend) that come with perks exclusive to tier donors, ranging from Classified prints to name mention in our zine’s featured supporters page.
3. hit the share button – spread word about our project and ko-fi to help us gather fellow cryptid supporters!

we appreciate every bit of backing we get. please visit our Ko-fi for more information. thank you!

[art credit: @kiranightart]

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