My ex wouldn’t stop texting me…


“I miss you.”

I held off on getting a cell phone for as long as possible. I didn’t really have a good reason, I guess, other than the cost. When I was just setting out on my own, there was no way I could afford the monthly plan. I was the only one of my friends to still rely on a landline, and it drove everyone nuts. I managed to wait until my twenty-fifth birthday, when I finally felt financially secure enough to justify buying one for myself. My friends all laughed about my change of heart, but I could tell they were relieved. To be honest, I was pretty pleased, too. As it turns out, cell phones are ridiculously convenient – who knew?

I didn’t start getting the texts until about a month after I bought my phone. It was the first message from an unknown number that I’d received, and it read simply, “I miss you.”

I was confused at first – what kind of introductory text was that? It seemed a little overdramatic to me… and that was when I made the connection.

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