I was going to keep a journal of my spring cle…

I was going to keep a journal of my spring cleaning this year. It’s weird. Journal already has entries. They sold me a used journal. Or I used it. I don’t remember. The handwriting is funny. It looks like mine.

Monday. Today was the first day of spring cleaning. Feeling good. Good feeling. Got the kitchen cleaned up, but there were casualties. My best rag is done, so is the toaster. Something else, in my coffee cup. Not sure about it. Bottom was black with something. Used to be hot cocoa maybe. I used some chopsticks to scrape it out, shut it up. Might have been a sin to kill it. No choice. Me or it. It or me. No choice. I don’t want to think about that cup anymore, what it might mean. Maybe tomorrow will be easier. Maybe. I’ll do the bathroom. The cabinet under the bathroom sink rattles sometimes. I worry it’s rats. I’ll clean it tomorrow.

Tuesday. I was at the bathroom a while. Washer and dryer were easy enough. Swept and mopped. Had to change out the brand new curtains on the tub. They went bad real fast, thick with scum. Couldn’t scrub it off. Seems weird. Same stuff was in the cup yesterday. The tub faucet won’t stop dripping and dripping. Turned the water off and still it dripped. Need to call someone. Not sure. I threw out the coffee cup. Need to stop thinking about it. Need to open the cabinet under the bathroom sink. It rattled again. Maybe the cars down at the road shake the pipes. That’s all. Can’t remember what I had under there. Can’t remember there being a cabinet under there when I moved in. Maybe I’m confusing it with my last place. I’ll get under there tomorrow.

Wednesday. Living room is a spotless success. Vacuumed the damn carpet three times before it looked clean. Hate carpet. Hate how cheap it looks and the hidden staples. I’ll be limping for a few days. I think the boards under there are just dry rot. They give more than they should over by the window. It’s not a good view, just half dead bushes. No light gets through. I should cut them down. Not sure which side of the house they’re on. The layout in here gets me turned around. I go left when I should go right. I think it’s the stairs to the second floor. They don’t make sense. Like the builders threw them in at the last second. I’m not motivated to do more today. I have a headache. And that damn cabinet. I’m being stupid. Stupid enough. I don’t care. I’ll do it later, or not at all. It’s just a useless little cabinet. I don’t even know what’s in there. I’ll bet it’s empty. I’m going to bed. I really hope this headache is gone when I wake up tomorrow.

Thursday. Did the bedroom today. I think I need new sheets. They’re tattered. I couldn’t get them off the mattress at first. Worried I’d tear them. Tear me. Knocked over my guitar in the process. Thought I’d broken it, clanged out a note I couldn’t place. Tried to find the fret, but no luck. No place. Needs new strings. New sheets, new strings, new everything. Filled four trash bags with old clothes. Moths got to some. The rest were too baggy, or someone else’s. Whose? My foot hurts, and my head’s still pounding, and those trash bags were heavy. I’m glad I live in a one story house. Stairs would have been miserable. I think I threw the coffee cup in one of those bags. I’ll have to be careful or I’ll lose it. It’s an heirloom. Can’t lose it. I’m too tired now, so I’ll get it out tomorrow.

Friday. Bathroom looks like I never cleaned it. Muddy, scummy prints leading out and up the stairs. Dust on the windowsill and couch. Dishes in the kitchen sink. Did I use those? I swore I’d stay on top of them this time. When did I turn into such a slob? I’m not sure which room I was going to clean today. I don’t have a dining room. The entryway is just there off the kitchen or maybe the living room, whichever. Maybe I’ll take the day off. Foot might be infected. Staple went deep. There might be bandages under the bathroom sink, but I don’t want to get them just now. I’m tired and my head started hurting again. I’m tired. It can wait until tomorrow.

Saturday. I opened the cabinet under the bathroom sink. I don’t know what I expected. Something else. I had it all built up, like a monster under the bed. It’s full of bushes, like the living room window and front door. Are they on the same side of the house? No matter. I don’t want to think about what it might mean. It makes my head hurt. I haven’t left the house all week. I’ve just been cleaning. I’ve gone thin and pale without any sun to warm me. I think I’ll go out. I could leave through the cabinet under the bathroom sink. It rattles on its own sometimes. I could just squeeze through. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll get out there for some sun tomorrow.

Sunday. I crawled under the cabinet to fix the rattle. Wall was gone. Just bushes growing in there. I pushed through, made it outside. The bushes are thick on that side of the house. I should paint the outside maybe. Couldn’t get to the yard. Was there a yard? Yeah, there was a yard. And stairs, up and up. So many flights I got tired. Bushes all the way up. I came back in through the window. Cut my hand. My foot’s infected. I might pull up the carpet later. Get those staples out. I hope there are some bandages in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. I’ll look tomorrow.

Did I write all this? Did you? I don’t know. I don’t want to think about what it might mean. It makes my head hurt. I think about it too hard. It loops over and over. Like vines in my head. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m excited to do some spring cleaning this year. I’m going to keep a journal. Show everyone I’m staying busy in here. The cabinet under the bathroom sink has an awful rattle. I need to go. I’ll start with the kitchen tomorrow.

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