I was a top scientist at CERN and I have a war…

Greetings to whoever may find this, that is if you’re out there. My name’s not important but I need to send out this message, or more like a warning before i’m disposed of for what i have seen. I am a former scientist who worked for CERN and we have quite possibly doomed humanity. My team of scientists and I worked with a machine called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This machine was basically used to allow physicists to study particle physics after said particles accelerate and collide with each other inside.

The date is March 22 2019, My team and I are running our usual experiments and test like normal. I swear the whole 8 man team proofread the coding to start the collider as per protocol but, we missed one small mistake. Roughly 3 minutes into the start of the LHC the whole facility started to fill with a deep yellow light. This is usually expected as the particles in the accelerator collide with each other at unfathomable speeds, but something seemed off. This light that filled the room was different then what we had seen all too many times before. My team and I rush over to the control panel to turn off the collider, and there it is, clear as day the slightest mistake in the code seemed all too large.

We scramble to turn the LHC off before anything major happens and after what seemed like hours, the collider finally stops. After inspecting the LHC to make sure no damage had been sustained one of the physicists in my team turned so pale you could almost see through him. He points over at a orb next to the front the collider, no bigger than an apple but almost impossible to miss. It’s properties are difficult to explain, it didn’t have any specific color to it, but it was dark, it looked like something otherworldly. After a few minutes of my team and I staring at this strange void in complete shock it seemingly evaporated into the air, just like that it was gone.

News quickly spread around the facility about my teams discovery and within 3 months we have created this portal roughly 30 times. We have started intense research on these void like anomalies, starting off very simple. A team of 10 researchers in full hazard suits approach the void with caution as they insert a metal ball point pen into the anomaly, after retracting the pen there were no visible changes, but after a series of tests preformed on the pen we were shocked to see how high the level of radiation was. The levels of radiation were so intense that all 10 researchers died just days after coming in contact with the pen. Several unmanned drones were sent into the void to gather photo and video samples of the other side but all attempts failed as connection was lost the second the drones crossed over to the other side.

A few months after research began on this void something went wrong, and this very incident is why i am writing this. Testing began as usual as we fired up the collider, but this time something different happened. Instead of the blinding flash of yellow light and a small void forming near the beginning of the collider something completely unexpected happened. As the first couple collisions took place time felt to almost slow down as the room grew dark. A 15 or so foot tall hole opened near the front of the collider.

A black figure started to emerge from the large void. Although very humanoid this “thing” was anything but human. It was featureless, It gave off strong vibrations and was so massive it had to duck to exit the void. Many researchers broke down at the sight of this thing, and then it spoke. We all heard it clear as day in our heads, we all heard the blistering static sound as words began to play inside our minds.

“You creatures have no place peering into our world, your destruction was set in stone the moment you opened up the doorway into our dimension, we will exterminate your kind as your knowledge of our existence threatens us, this is not a warning, but a promise.” This took place a week ago, fairly soon the being from that damned place will come for us with God knows how many more like it. I’ll most definetly be killed soon for publishing this information, I was a top scientist for CERN and I’m sorry for what I have caused.

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