I shouldn’t have played this game…

I never got my wish. I didn’t break any rules. I don’t know what I did wrong. I followed the rules. No cellphones. Stayed under 30 mph. Didn’t use the CD// Radio. I’m stuck and I need help.

You know those things you read, or see, online and are compelled to try it? Like those Tasty videos, or those stupid YouTube challenges. Well, I’m more attracted to the occult. The rituals, the dark games. I’ve played it all. The Midnight Man, The Telephone Game, etc. The only game that produced results was Doors to the Mind. I learned about my friend’s secret suicide attempt that he didn’t tell anyone. It was a nice bonding experience until it wasn’t, but that’s another story. This is about the 11 Miles Ritual. I have to type fast, my phone is dying and my car’s battery is about to give out.

It was a nice night. My friends and I were getting high, talking smack and spitting stupid ideas. Then, one of them asked why I played these “stupid games,” he called it.

“I want to feel the supernatural,” I stated, now a bit more sober, “I hear these stories and the evidence. But it could be doctored. Fake. I wanna experience it for myself.”

The room was silent after that, then my friend asked the question that led me to this point. “I got a new one for you then.” This piqued my interest. He explained that this one was unlike the other ones. This one had a reward. Anything you desired, within reason of course. Before he even explained fully what it was, I said I’m in. We went to the garage and I got in his car. It was a Tesla Model 3, so I felt more safe, I guess. I don’t know, the whole made me nervous, but I felt forced to commit. As I get into the car, he explained the rules.

“Go to the woods. The one off of Farmount and Spellberg. There’s a long uninterrupted road that cuts through it. It’s perfect. Once you get on it, take a breath and get ready, because this is gonna be hard. No CD Players, Radios, or Cellphones. You can’t go over 30 mph, don’t ask me why. And Whatever You Do. Don’t. Get out of the car. No matter what you hear. If you see a red light, close your eyes, and don’t open them until it’s gone. If you hear voices, don’t pay them attention. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t stop. Do this for 11 miles, and you got your wish.”

This was going to be hard, I thought. But I was ready. I backed out of his garage and set on my journey. It was a good bit away, and the streets at this time were dead, except for the occasional Frat Boys, and Late Night Stoners who got the munchies.

There it is again. That voice. I wanna look. Okay, I gotta hurry up.

it took me about 25 minutes, but I got the road he talked about. I stopped the car, took a breathe and started on my way. It was normal for about 3 miles. I thought, this was going to be easy. Now, this story gets more dramatic from now on, so I need you to listen closely, because I can’t.

Around the 4th mile, it got unusually cold. I could see my breath, which was weird. It’s summer, but I didn’t think anything of it. I turned on the heater, because he didn’t say anything about that, and continued. Back to normal. But things kept getting weirder and weirder. Not shortly after, the radio turned on. The volume was all the way up, which made me jump a bit, but I rushed to turn it off. God, maybe that was it. But I didn’t do it.

“Hey, dude. Can you help me back here, I think I dropped my phone?” My friend said from the backseat. I almost turned around. My heart dropped when I remembered that I came alone. I just kept my eyes on the road. I started to see things in the trees. I swear to whatever is up there that I saw my mom. She went missing years ago, when I was a kid. No, keep my eyes on the road.

From the back window I heard pounding. Like someone hitting on the window with their palm. “Let me in, man.” That was my brother’s voice. No, it can’t be. I noticed at this point that the car lost power. When? How long was I driving without it? How was I still moving?

“Dude, I can’t breathe. Help me.” it sounded like my friend was struggling to take in air. I need to help him. Keep your eyes on the road. “Please.” The tears started to come. Then, it happened. I think that this was when I got to where I am now. The red light. It was so beautiful. Grace in the flesh. I quickly remembered that I had to close my eyes. But I wanted to look.

“Go ahead,” a voice I didn’t recognize whispered in my ear. I could feel the warm breath, “It won’t hurt to look.” I put my hands over my eyes. I will get my wish. Through the transparency, like a flashlight against your hand, I could see it getting brighter. Then, it was gone. I waited 5 minutes, and then opened my eyes. I think I’ve done it. I went to start the ignition.


Didn’t start. Two tries. Didn’t start. But I’m still moving. I tried getting out. I tried breaking the windows. When I called my friends, they said that I had just went to the restroom and to stop playing. That I never left. No one answered from my family. All asleep. I’m still moving, and I swear I’ve seen that hanging fruit before. And that tree. And that lake. I can’t get out. Please he

(source) story by (/u/ArtikPotato)

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