I never gave too much thought about what I posted online. I had many social accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and countless community sites and forums.

It wasn’t like I ever posted “Hi my name is such and such, here is my address and phone number!”

I never posted common sense things like “omg going on vacation for a week and my house will be empty. I hope no one breaks in as the alarm hasn’t been working and I keep all my money and jewellery in a box in the closet. Look at this picture of my house and this dark corner near this window I never lock!”

But looking back I posted a lot of small details. Scattered across all of my accounts it was little breadcrumbs of my life. I never pieced it together that by sharing tiny details it would be easy to piece larger details together.

I guess I just didn’t give it any actual thought or concern.

Then one day out of the blue I get a message on Reddit from someone I didn’t know. “hi.”

I hate when people start off messages so simple. Just say what you wanna say so I can write out a reply, we don’t need to act like this is a real in person conversation, more so when I’ll probably be reading it hours after you posted.

And yet I still replied. “hi?”

I have a way with words.

20 mins later a new reply. “I see you.”

eh? ok lovely a creep or someone just worse at social interaction than me. I clicked their profile and they had no posts except 5 comments across /nosleep. All were very upsetting replies being concerned over a woman having issues with a ghost or entity of some sort. He seemed angry and blaming her for attracting negative energy. okay then….

I blocked him and didn’t give it another thought.

Three days later I received a message on Instagram. “hi. I see you. do you see me 2?”

It caught me off guard slightly to have him follow me over to Instagram but I post a lot of pictures so it was probably obvious, I literally have the same name on both accounts.

His Instagram was empty besides a few pictures of a red wall. Strangely the photos had an incredible amount of likes. I normally and should have just blocked and ignored it. Instead I replied. “Hi. Please leave me alone. I am not interested in playing games.”

A few minutes later a new message on Reddit from a new account. I won’t say the username but the name had to do with red walls. I don’t understand the significance.

“I said I see you.” It then had my name – first and last, my husband’s name, my address, my phone number, where I worked and the address, my birthday, my anniversary date, a list of account names to different sites and five different email addresses that I use.

Obviously that freaked me the hell right out. I wasn’t really sure what to do. I didn’t respond. I logged off and stayed offline for several days.

Most people in my life blamed me. Told me I post too much online and that I brought it on myself. Seriously no sympathy. But no one took it seriously either. It was just some loser troll. My husband wanted me to delete all my accounts but I couldn’t imagine doing that. People were right it was some dumb troll and if you ignore it they go away to harass someone else right?

I reported his comment and blocked him.

I was a bit more cautious about what I posted but I kindof forgot about it after a while.

Two whole months went by with nothing. Then I received a Facebook friend request. The profile pic and name matched a relative of mine that I’m not close to but am friends with them. They actually have several accounts so I didn’t think about it and accepted.

The next day I woke up to many notifications…

They had changed their name to Eye Seeu. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure that out. They posted around 30 times to my page “I see you.”

But the worst was the messages I got.

The first was my address. Then a link to google maps showing my address. Then a picture of my address on google maps. They really wanted to drive home that point I guess.

But then more and more pictures. Of the corner street signs to the street I live on. Then a picture of my street. More pictures like someone was walking down the street snapping photos. Right up to my house. There was a picture of my house as if someone was standing right in front of it. Then a picture of my front door and a gloved hand grabbing the door knob.

My heart threatened to beat right the fuck out of my chest. It is a surreal feeling in a moment like that. It doesn’t feel real or possible. Like your brain wants to disconnect that it’s actually happening to you versus someone else. It’s terrifying but nothing had actually happened. I have big scary dogs that bark at literally everything. I keep my doors locked always. No one was in my house. But still the threat was looming there above me. What could happen? What was the motivation for this? Just to frighten me or something worse? Every possible scenario ran through my head.

I called my husband at work and he rushed home. He was angry and to be fair I think his concern at this thing he couldn’t do anything about made him lash out at me. He yelled at me and chewed me out as if I had encouraged this. He begged me to delete every account I had and stay offline. It was truly impossible for me to do so with my business. But we finally agreed to compromise and make all of my accounts private, run virus scans for any malicious crap, set up new emails.

We also decided to go to the police. They sent two officers over that night. They weren’t that helpful really. They felt it was likely just a joke by someone we knew. The fact that I couldn’t point out any suspect or incidents made it seem obvious to them. And that was true. It wasn’t like I had anything before this come up where I felt I had a stalker or arch nemesis.

They did question my husband on if he was a “good faithful husband” or if there were any ladies he may have led on and are trying to get revenge. He assured them and me that it was definitely not the case.

They told us contact them if there were any other issues and to make sure our doors were locked and lectured me about the dangers of the internet. I honestly was getting a bit irritated at that.

A week went by and nothing. Then I got a letter in the mail. Actually several letters over a week. No return address. They were all the same. Red construction paper folded into a little handmade card. Like you might have made in elementary school. On the outside there was an eyeball cut out from a magazine and glued down. On the inside it was written in blocky messy writing “ I see you”.

We took them all to the police. And no more came after that.

Days later on my new email account I received an email. It was a picture of my dogs outside. And a link to a legal advice post on reddit about someone poisoning their neighbors dogs.

We checked the yard daily and never let the dogs outside alone. My husband would take the dogs out after dark. Like sure threaten and scare me but don’t you dare threaten my dogs!

He also took both our computers to a shop to check for any viruses and we were clean. We aren’t sure how they got my new email address.

The next day at work I received several text messages from an unknown number. “I see you” followed by pictures. The same (I think) pic of the gloved hand on my doorknob. Then the door opening. Pictures of inside my living room, my kitchen, of my stairs, of my bedroom. And the last photo was of my husband asleep in bed.

I work overnight and my husband would have been asleep then. I called my husband but there was no answer. I called the police.

My boss let me leave work early. When I got home the police were still there. I showed them the pictures. My doors had all been locked when the police arrived. My husband also had not been asleep. He had stayed up late playing video games with some friends. Atleast he got a funny story when he had to stop during a boss fight to go see what the police wanted.

There were no signs of a break-in and my dogs were still fine. They believed the photos were from another day. Which is still equally unsettling. They still believed it was someone we know. I can’t imagine anyone we know doing this. We certainly don’t know any prankster type people or people would hate us and wanna drive us insane. They said they would see if they could find who sent the photos but it may be a prepaid phone.

By this time I was so exhausted at dealing with this. Whoever it was just was playing with us. A cat slowly ripping the legs off an insect. Letting it go just to pounce on it once again.

All I wanted to know was why? What did I do to deserve this? I see you? What does that even mean? Was it a clue or a message? I had enough.

Taking advice I’ve read a thousand times, we got a security system and cameras.

A few months went by. It is very hard to move past such a violation like that. Every noise I would jump. I couldn’t be home a lone. If I left the house I’d have to check through it all before I could feel somewhat relaxed. Time went by but I still didn’t feel safe. And of course they were not done with me yet.

First it was my Twitter account. Hacked? They posted from my account – “do you see me?”

Then the same post on my Facebook this time with a photo of me outside my house getting into my car. My friends and family were very confused by my weird posts and messages. Apparently from my account they all received messages asking if they see me and posting pictures of me.

Next Instagram. This time it was worse. Photos of me from my cloud. Photos of me I had sent my husband.

And lastly he posted a video to YouTube on my account. It was night. He walked up my driveway to my door. He pointed the camera up at my cameras. He pulled out a key and opened my door. The video showed him walking through the house in the dark. It was hard to see much except a few moments when light from a window lit up an area. He walked up the stairs to the bedroom, my door was open. He entered and shown the camera on my husband and I sleeping in bed. I do not know where my dogs were or why they did not bark. The video was nearly 10 mins long of him just watching us sleep.

I wrote all of this as a document of what has happened and continues to happen. I am hoping the police find something. I don’t understand or can even fathom a mild guess on why they are doing this to me. I wasn’t some Instagram model or minor social media celebrity. I am a normal average person with like no followers on any account. I post a few pics of my pets every now and then. Not even good pics. There was no reason to Target me that I can think of. I think it’s almost worse just not knowing why.

I’m afraid he has access to all of my accounts. He continues to make posts on them. I’m going to delete them all now. I won’t be going online again. I just want this to all stop.

I see you. Do you see me?

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