In the cold distance of space Alexis dreamed. As she slept in her cryopod, she dreamed of lying on her stomach, on her surfboard in the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean. The wave gently rocked her board back and fourth, she then mounted it on her two feet, and felt a bigger wave, giving her the momentum to ride with the rough surf. Like a pro she saw a wave 16 feet high, she entered its inner vortex.

She suddenly woke up to the emergency siren. She saw blood on the broken window of her cryopod, electric sparks from the ship shooting out from the ceiling. Crew members aboard the S.S Argos ran frantically, trying to put out a fire in the cryochamber. Marcus, talked loudly above the siren “Rodriquez, we have been hit by asteroid fragments and crashed landed on SR#1123. You are being placed in a medpod, you had hurt your head pretty badly. You will be in cold sleep till you are better.“ She lost consciousness and suddenly everything went dark

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