Indigo Woods


“I need to talk to you about Timothy Logan.”

The private eye dropped that sentence and stood on it, waiting for a reaction. I adopted a poker face. Too late, I realized that a blank face is as good as an admission.

“Timmy’s been dead for twenty years. What could I possibly know about it?”

“Dead? I thought he’d disappeared into Indigo Woods?”

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Desperate men take desperate measures.

Centuries ago, on an island girted by a churning sea, the mist descended. Choking fog filled the forests and reduced the sun to a feeble glow.

Villagers banged deerskin drums and lit great fires to ward off the mist each night, but still it crept in, tendrils of vapour slithering through thatch and rickety walls.

Children were taken first, grabbed by unseen hands from within the fog, their plaintive wails muted by the miasma, accompanied by gibbering, inhuman shrieks.

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An incel gamer who calls himself a nice guy, decapitated a 17 year old girl “who wouldn’t give him a chance” after she went on a date with another guy.


even after reading the article… is this for real?

and still there are people who think we [women] are exaggerating when we say men will literally kills us for denying their advances.

not only did he kill her. he took her fucking head off and posted it for everyone to see.

Please be careful with ace positivity tags right now, people have been posting images of her body in those tags.

A few days before she was killed a she posted a selfie on Instagram tagged #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike. And now she’s dead for not having sex with a man. I never want to hear an exclusionist say we’re not oppressed ever again.

Please, for the love of god, reblog this and know her name. Bianca Devins. She was asexual, and she was killed for rejecting sexual advances. This is the violence and fear we’ve been trying to speak out about. If you call yourself an activist, this cannot be ignored. Please support and protect aces, this kind of event is literally what exclusionists have been ignoring and mocking the concept of for years.

The helper.


The baby had been around now for a couple of months. In spite of Mommy and Daddy and their private worries, Josh found himself ready and willing to take on the mantle of Big Brother. He felt genuine affection for the small bundle of novel noises and scents and spent a lot of his time playing with her, giggling in delight whenever she would react with a smile or her typical wordless, happy babble.

Really, the only problem as Josh could see it was that the baby took a lot of time to care for and Mommy and Daddy found themselves tired and exhausted a lot of the time. Josh could understand that; the baby was loud and sometimes cried a lot for no good reason and this always prompted a reaction.

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Voice in my head.


I have had this strange experience since as long as I could remember. As I live my daily life, I feel like I have a voice inside my head. No, it’s not an ominous, hair-raising voice. Actually, the voice has saved me numerous times. I remember how in one cold winter day, as I walked on the side of the road, I heard the voice literally shout inside my head, urging me to stop walking. In just a mere seconds after that, a bike suddenly appeared from the crossroad and almost hit me. Had I ignored the voice advice, I’m sure the bike will crash with me, or at least grazed me off.

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