Chocolate Milk.


“But Dad! Me and Carly want chocolate milk,” Timothy whined, tugging on Dale’s hand.

With an exasperated sigh, Dale brought the shopping cart to a halt in the middle of the freezer aisle. He hated chocolate milk, and didn’t want Timothy drinking it. He considered giving the boy another lecture on the nutritional benefits of the whole milk over chocolate, but decided against it. It wasn’t worth the trouble of negotiating with a five year old. There are some things children just don’t understand. He decided to compromise and get the two percent.

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God, I love Halloween.


“Woah, nice costume!” My coworker Alex tells me as I walk into the office party. Alex is dressed as a superhero, one of the Avengers, I think.

Heads turn as I walk deeper into the room.

I pass Henry from sales. “Nice!” he tells me, “It looks just like him.”

The office is decorated for the Halloween party. It looks so cute and festive. Paper cut-outs of black cats and pumpkins are strung along the walls of the cubicles. Someone has rigged the PA system to play spooky music, and there are snacks and treats galore.

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The Border Wall


I check my costume in the mirror: I’m a zombie, complete with fake blood and ragged clothes.

“Which friend is throwing this party?” My father calls out from the living room.

“Someone from school,” I lie.

“Ok, just don’t be out all night.”

“I won’t, Daddy.” I kiss him on the check.

I step outside and start walking. Once I’m a safe distance away, I turn south. I really am going to a friend’s party, I just didn’t mention that my friend lives on the other side of The Wall.

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When I was 19 I was trapped inside a sensory d…


I was encased in total blackness with nothing but my own thoughts to accompany me for two entire days. From August 22 to August 24th I was trapped in hell, and I will never forget what happened in that tank.

About a year before these events, I met a kid I’ll call “X.” X was my best friend. Throughout my entire teenage life I found it very hard to make friends. So when I met him in my first semester of college I was thrilled to have someone to hang out with. We shared the same mildly offensive (sometimes unintentionally overboard) sense of humor, liked the same video games, and just had the same general interests. Now X also was like me. He never scored in the friend lottery either, so I could imagine he was equally thrilled to have my company.

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The Second Coming.


As was prophesized, The Son returned to Earth. He showed up without warning or fanfare, in a small suburban neighborhood.

The Reckoning and Revelation had arrived. The Son would judge the wicked, and bring about the End of Days.

He was only one man, but He had all the time in the world.

The Son walked through the streets, sensing the souls of the wicked. He ascended the front steps of a nearby home, His linen robes dragging across the concrete.

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Donnie stood atop the wooden platform, his hands held together with iron shackles. The sky was overcast and threatening rain. Nobody from town had come out to witness the execution.

A tired-looking priest recited scripture in a rote, monotone fashion.

Donnie felt the rough fibers of the rope scrape against his skin as the noose was lowered over his head. The hangman pulled the rope tight against Donnie’s throat. He swallowed hard, already having trouble finding his breath.

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